Champion Teams Built with Elite Precision

In the high-stakes world of professional sports, Mike grasped an undeniable truth: a team’s strength defines its victories. It’s not just about individual prowess; it’s about synergy, strategy, and an unwavering drive to be the best.

This ethos is at the heart of Think Strong. Drawing from his sports legacy, Mike has an uncanny knack for assembling champion teams. He handpicks individuals who not only shine in their roles but also harmonize to create a collective force of brilliance.

But here’s the kicker: Mike doesn’t just lead Think Strong; he elevates it. He’s a seasoned captain, steering projects with precision, and igniting passion in his crew. Under his guidance, projects don’t just hit targets; they redefine them.

Settling for good enough? That’s not the Think Strong way. Mike’s mantra is clear: demand excellence and deliver unparalleled results. By surrounding himself with champions, both from his vast industry network and within Think Strong, Mike ensures that the team is always playing at an elite level.

With Mike and Think Strong, it’s not just about setting the pace—it’s about blazing the trail.

This isn't just about technology. It's about a revolution. A movement of forward-thinkers, of game-changers. It's about taking your business from where it is now to where it deserves to be.


Think Strong LLC (dba Time Bounty)

PO Box 5165
Frisco, Texas