A Legacy Forged from Ice, Innovation, and Tenacity.

Mike’s journey with Think Strong isn’t just rooted in the world of tech—it’s also deeply influenced by his storied past in the NHL. As a former professional player and NHL coach, Mike understands the grit, discipline, and strategic thinking required to compete at the highest levels. This unique blend of elite sportsmanship and tech innovation sets Think Strong apart.

Over the years, Mike has immersed himself in the world of AI and cutting-edge tech, always recognizing the transformative power they hold. But it’s his background on the ice that gives him an unparalleled edge. The same drive that pushed him to excel against the world’s best players now propels Think Strong to the forefront of technological advancement.

Surrounding himself with tech visionaries and AI experts, Mike ensures Think Strong remains a leader in innovation. Each partnership, each project, is a testament to his commitment to merging the precision and teamwork of professional sports with the limitless possibilities of technology.

Think Strong isn’t just a business; it’s the embodiment of Mike’s life-long dedication to excellence, whether on the ice or in the realm of AI and tech.

This isn't just about technology. It's about a revolution. A movement of forward-thinkers, of game-changers. It's about taking your business from where it is now to where it deserves to be.


Think Strong LLC (dba Time Bounty)

PO Box 5165
Frisco, Texas